Glorantha & Heroquest 2.0 @ Toronto Area Gamers

Down to Robcradle

let's get the team together -- we're pulling a heist

Major Divisions:
1) Exploring the Setting
2) Oghma vs. The Rat
3) Golden Arrows in Robcradle

1) Exploring the Setting

Porthyr: Off on a trading mission
Ty: digging around town, prepping for the mission
Oghma: the alynxes told him of shenanigans out in the desert, a shadowy “Rat” spreading bad vibes.
Klieo: running stormbulls through serious desert training (helped during the battle). Also, observed gathering of the Earth priestesses at The Paps.
Syph: investigating the appearance of dragon-runed plinths along the roads: an omen of the old Empire of the Wyrms Friends
Stayn; got the team together with the co-conspirators

Did I leave anyone out?

2) Oghma down on the farm:
O. put to rest a threat to inter-clan harmony while investigating rumours out on Box Canyon Farm, up in the hardscrabble Scrythia territory. Brygga of the Garhounds had started a move to unite the remaining free clans in support of the threatened dynasty back home. Frekor Firmfarer was threatening that new consensus. After narrowly surviving betrayal by Tintalker, he was going from clan to clan, spreading the news that their former high priest and foremost rebel leader had gone mad and that everyone should lie low until a new leader was found. With his usual impetuosity, Oghma ambushed Tintalker’s former ally cougar-style and beat a confession out of him: Firmfarer has for years maintained an alternate identity, “The Rat,” leader of a prominent criminal informer network in the Rubble. What the former shepherd will do with this information remains to be seen. Will he reveal the criminal alter-ego of the mysterious rebel warrior, rip the mask off Zoro, shop Bruce Wayne to the underworld, put the Scarlet Pimpernel on the guillotine platform?

3) We’re pulling a heist! One Big Score and We’re Set for Life!
Apocalypse Now style: the crew float down the river on a dubious, ill-defined mission: seize an enchanted giant’s cradle and recover the “tablets” that Pavisite schemer Sir Javan Indagos and his partner, Lunar establishment figure Hetaera Theyssen, need for some obscure reason.

The crew:
Mr Yellow: Davvyd, Stayn’s brother, the man with the plan and instructions from the patrons, and an artificial flying serpent minion.
Mr Brown: a dwarf with unusual stone-shaping ability
Mr. Black: a troll master of Zorak Zoran death magic
Ms. Green: copper-haired demi-elf with weird balms and seeds
Mr. Blue: Stayn with his Air elemental
Kleio: the muscle (came up with great plans and gave what-for to a scorpionman)

Robcradle was founded by the God Learners, an empire south of the continent you are on. They grabbed treasures from the cradles of the giants as they floated down the Zola Fel. Eventually, the giants put a stop to that nonsense. With much smashage. A little while later, Pavis claimed the region on behalf of the EWF and built his city around the location.

The players (Syph) released a ghost holdover from the Godlearner times who exposited some of this exposition.

The long and the short of it: Davvyd was in the process of slaying the giant child in the boat when interrupted by inveterate do-gooder Stayn. The ghostly Godlearner entered into the cradle with the child and floated off to gods know where. The members of the heist crew are now possessed of the treasure their patron sought but without the share of booty each of them expected to gain for participating in the raid. Someone, call Quentin Tarrantino. Did I forget anything?

The fiction has the high-fantasy tone I was aiming for. I like the way the genre-appropriate fiction arises from our absolutely demented imaginations.

So: the return of a cradle to the Zola Fel has people in Pavis freaking out because it is an end-of-days kind of sign. Also, the appearance of the Eternal Battle directly over the city. I think the next session will deal with the fallout of the previous.